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Just remember. These tools are RESPONSEWARE. This means you need to let me know you use them. Also I would like comments on their usefulness or possible defects. Their is no support but problems might be fixed in future releases. So lets see the list:

Shell Extensionlink
Expander Shell ExtensionExpander.exe
GroupEx Shell ExtensionGroupEx.exe
NotEx Shell ExtensionNotex.exe
Throway Shell ExtensionThroway.exe
HtmlEx Shell ExtensionHtmlEx.exe
OcxReg Shell ExtensionOcxReg.exe
PropEx Shell ExtensionPropEx.exe
ShortEx Shell ExtensionShortEx.exe
Update File In UseUpd-Fiu.exe
YouGotEm AllreadyYouGotEm.exe
Personalized PageFilePP.exe
SubstEx Shell ExtensionSubstEx.exe

For descriptions of the above mentioned tools please go to the following page: this one.