Description Page

Just remember. These tools are RESPONSEWARE. This means you need to let me know you use them. Also I would like comments on their usefulness or possible defects. Their is no support but problems might be fixed in future releases. So lets see the list:

Shell ExtensionDescription
Expander Shell Extension

Expand those .xx_ files Microsoft uses

GroupEx Shell Extension

Convert old programgroups

NotEx Shell Extension

use notepad as standard editor on lots of filetypes

Throway Shell Extension

throw away those rubbish files that clutter your disks

HtmlEx Shell Extension

Do more with HTML

OcxReg Shell Extension

Register and unregister OCX-files in a jiffy

PropEx Shell Extension

This one is neat: use Propfix from Microsoft more intelligently

ShortEx Shell Extension

Easily create shortcuts or repair them

Update File In Use

Update those in-use files in your system directories.

YouGotEm Allready

Ever wondered if you were missing some tools? you've got them allready!

Personalized PageFile

This one's for NT only. Personalize your pagefile with any 8.3-name you want!

SubstEx Shell Extension

Ever used Subst in dos? you can still in windows!

For downloads of the above mentioned tools please go to the following page: this one.